Tall Guy / Big Heart

I’ve been told that you can usually hear me coming. And it’s probably true. I have a bit of a loud voice, and I’m typically laughing. Loudly.

So, how does a big , tall, loud guy (who writes TV commercials by day and performs comedy by night) end up writing heartfelt children’s books?

Short answer: it just happened.

Long answer: I’m glad it did.

Born in Baltimore way back when, I spent most of my life in California, attending the illustrious and beloved Menlo School and then Occidental College. I was a less than all-star student who ended up majoring in Theater cuz the Econ department ran me out.

I worked in Hollywood for a few years before becoming an advertising copywriter in 1992. I have worked in that capacity at the Richards Group in Dallas since 1993, during which time I was promoted to the very fancy sounding position of Creative Director.

I have been performing improv comedy with the Dallas-based comedy troupe Ad Libs since about 1997.  It’s basically like the goofing off I did in class, but now I only get in trouble if I’m not funny.

My first book, the Forever Dog, came out in 2007. Inspired by the loss of my beloved Golden Retriever, Mo. I’m as proud of it as anything I’ve ever written. It’s been well received by the press, and has made many a grown man (woman and children) cry…in a good way.

And now, there’s my second book, “My Parents Are Divorced, My Elbows Have Nicknames, And Other Facts About Me”. And yes, it’s also semi-autobiographical. Although, I never did nickname my elbows. (shhh, don’t tell my editor)

So, basically, that’s me. A loud, tall, always laughing, always smiling, writer/comedian who writes everything from the heart.

So, thanks for stopping by, explore the site, buy my book if you haven’t, leave a message if you like, but most of all, remember, despite what the news may say - life is pretty cool.

Keep laughing, stay weird.

Toodle oo, Bill