Hey! Look what I did!

Everyone loves a good award. Here are some of the major awards/milestones of my life.

  • 3rd Grade – Played Dopey in the school’s rendition of Snow White and the 7 Dwarves, not really an award, but it does sort of set the tone for the rest of my life.
  • 5th Grade – Palo Alto City Champions Soccer Team. “The Jedi Knights”
  • 6th Grade: Science Fair Champion (My parents didn’t even help)
  • 8th Grade: Picked 12th out of 12 for the school basketball team. Season stats were 2 turnovers and 2 points.
  • 9th Grade: Grew about 5 inches.
  • 10th Grade: Scored 43 out of 117 on a chemistry test. It’s a long way since that 6th grade award.
  • 11th Grade: Broke my high school record in the high jump, which still stands 25+ years later
  • 12th Grade: Voted track team captain and MVP. Also voted “Most Improved” on soccer team. Third runner up senior class vice president.
  • Sophomore year in college - win $6,500 on television game show Press Your Luck. Also selected Mr. May college calendar.
  • Senior Year: Finish 3rd place in the USA College Cheerleading championship “Mic Man” contest.
  • Named: Most Inspirational athlete on track team. Team captain. Conference champion: High jump. 4 year all conference award.
  • Honorable Mention Los Angeles Ad Club – Copywriting
  • Silver and Gold Stickers (those were actually considered like trophies) Portfolio Center (Advertising Institute), Atlanta Georgia.
  • Show South – Best in Show – Advertising Student
  • Communication Arts, One Show, Cannes Advertising awards
  • Best 40th birthday party award (awarded created for and by, me)
  • “The Forever Dog” Named Among the Top Children’s Books of 2007 by the CCBC (Cooperate Children’s Book Center).